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Torah Class    Old Testament Bible Study for a New Testament Understanding

Torah is the Hebrew word for the first 5 books of the Bible and it is the foundation of the Old Testament just as the Old Testament is the foundation of the New. The Old Testament (Tanach) is the Holy Scripture that Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew) taught from, and His Disciples referred to, since there was no New Testament until well after the time of the Apostles that succeeded Him. The Old and New Testaments are inseparable and only when used together do we have a complete, unified, divinely-inspired Bible. Torah Class cross-references the Torah and Old Testament passages with New Testament passages to reveal their seamless continuity.


Some excellent teaching from a Hebrew perspective  Video Messages


Early Models and Maps of Jerusalem  One of the finest maps made in the nineteenth century was a map drawn by a British Soldier, Captain C. Wilson, in the year 1864-1865. Wilson created two maps. The first is a map of the Old City (scale 1:2500) and the second of Jerusalem's surrounding (scale 1:100000). These maps were the basis to all others made later, until the First World War when Jerusalem was photographed from the air.


The Temple Mount in Jerusalem   Archaeological and architectural analysis by Dr. Leen Ritmyer, former chief architect of the Temple Mount Excavations



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Pitts Theology Library  The Digital Image Archive at Pitts Theology Library The Digital Image Archive presents more than 28,000 images of biblical illustrations, portraits of religious leaders, printers' devices, engravings of church buildings, and other theological topics. They are available for teaching, research, and other non-commercial purposes. For a modest fee, the library will grant permission for them to be used in commercial publications and will supply the publisher with high resolution TIFF files for download.





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