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YEHOSHUA (Book of Joshua) Massoretic, Hebrew, Aramaic, JPS, Kaplan texts of Genesis from the Jewish Publication Society Bible


Torah Class    Old Testament Bible Study for a New Testament Understanding

Torah is the Hebrew word for the first 5 books of the Bible and it is the foundation of the Old Testament just as the Old Testament is the foundation of the New. The Old Testament (Tanach) is the Holy Scripture that Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew) taught from, and His Disciples referred to, since there was no New Testament until well after the time of the Apostles that succeeded Him. The Old and New Testaments are inseparable and only when used together do we have a complete, unified, divinely-inspired Bible. Torah Class cross-references the Torah and Old Testament passages with New Testament passages to reveal their seamless continuity.


Some excellent teaching from a Hebrew perspective  Video Messages


 Joshua - Jewish Encyclopedia


Yehoshua- Joshua text with Rashi's commentary - Complete Jewish Bible


Joshua- Expositor's Bible Commentary


Expository Notes on Joshua.  Thomas L. Constable explores the record of Gods deliverance of the Israelites into what He had promised them. 


New International Version (Book of Joshua) On-Line


New English Translation (NET) Bible (Book of Joshua) On-Line


Joshua at Luther Seminary's Enter the Bible. Study basics about Bible books, people, dates, places.

Joshua Wikipedia

Joshua  Walk Thru the Bible

Joshua - Geneva Study Bible

Joshua- Matthew Henry's Commentary

Joshua - Wesley's Explanatory Notes

Joshua - Robert Jamieson's Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the whole Bible

Joshua - Scofield Reference Notes

Joshua - Dr Bob Utley

Joshua - World Wide Study Bible

Joshua - Bible Notes

Josua - Calvin's Commentaries


The Rewritten Book of Joshua as found at Qumran and Masada. Emanuel Tov examines five fragments of the Dead Sea Scroll which pertain to the Book of Joshua.


Joshua  - Jerusalem - Galilee -Bethlehem - People and Places featuring summaries of important people and places of the Bible, the Holy Land and ancient times.


Dating the Book of Joshua via Archaeological Anomalies and Anachronisms Walter Mattfeld


Archaeology and the Book of Joshua - The Conquest                               Mario Seiglie 


An Introduction to the Book of Joshua. David Malick


An Argument of the Book of Joshua - Outline. David Malick


Josha an Outline                        Robert C. Dunston


Introductory Matters Concerning Joshua - The Conquest of Cannan                                Robert C. Dunston


Exploring Joshua                        Tim Finlay & Jim Herst


Serving the Community since 1998


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The Historical Books                 J. Hampton Keathley, III


Joshua for Children          Four  studies by    Jodi Hooper   Read about Bible Lessons 4 Kidz


Living in Community with God: God’s Relationship with His People in the Books of History Joshua - Esther          Michael Morrison


Joshua a Text Division of Student Ministry Baptist General Convention of Texas


The Theology of Joshua     Trent C Butler


Joshua 1 - 24 (Taking the Promised Land)                 David Colburn

History and Theology in Joshua and Judges        Dennis Bratcher

Joshua Conflict and Conquest                       Tim Finlay & Jim Herst

Israel's Golden Years (Joshua)         Bob Deffinbaugh

Did God Order the Massacre of Canaanites?   Dennis Bratcher

Does The Bible Sufficiently Describe The Conquest?   Dean R Ulrich

Joshua: Conquest of Canaan  Barry L. Bandstra - The Israelite conquest of the Canaanites,  the inhabitants of Palestine when the Israelites, led by Joshua, entered the Promised Land.


The Settlement of Canaan.  Gerald A Larue examines the conquest of Canaan.


The Captain of the Lord's Army. J. Hampton Keathley III in Joshua 5:13-15 examines the consecration of the people of Israel in preparation for the task that lay ahead of them.


The Agony of Defeat. J. Hampton Keathley III in Joshua 7:1-26 explores the failures that follow the victories.


Studies in the Life of Joshua.     J. Hampton Keathley III  If Moses is the symbol of deliverance, then Joshua is the symbol of victory. Joshua teaches us that faith "is the victory that overcomes the world" (1 John 5:4).


The History and Archaeology of the Book of Joshua and the Conquest/Settlement Period   Joel F Drinkard Jr


Archaeology and the Book of Joshua: The Conquest Mario Seiglie illuminates the book of Joshua, which chronicles Israel's entrance into the Promised Land.


Israel in Canaan Under Joshua and the Judges Alfred Edersheim The Bible History, Old Testament.



The Primary History (Genesis - 2 Kings), an Exilic Composition of 562 - 561 BCE   Walter Mattfeld

focuses on Deuteronomy 30:1-10 and explores the theory the idea that the Primary History was written by one author in the exile and notes that some sites appearing in Joshua did not come into existence until late in the 7th century BCE.


Covenant in the Book of Joshua   Nancy L. deClaisse-Walford


Who were the Canaanites

Naves Topical Bible - Canaanites


The Canaanites - Jewish Encyclopedia


The Canaanites - Wikipedia


The Religion of the Canaanites Explores whether the command to exterminate the Canaanites was a justifiable act or at variance with the character of God and his people?


Did God Order the Massacre of the Canaanites Dennis Bratcher examines the perplexing question of the apparently ruthless attitudes of the Israelites toward the Canaanites with attention to God's self-revelation in history.


Literary Structures in the Book of Joshua   Mark E. Biddle


Jericho: The Lesson of not coming into Sin Mario Seiglie uses Jericho to illustrate that the Bible is replete with instructions and exhortations about coming out of sin, he goes on to point out that the concept of avoiding sin in the first place is equally as important.


 Biblical and Archaeological Data on Ai Reappraised W.W.Winter investigates the archaeological evidence found at et tell and compares with the Biblical evidence.


Serving the Community since 1998


A donation of just $5.00 or $10 will help maintain and update this site. You can donate via PayPal - it really is easy!

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