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CHABAKUK (Book of Habakkuk) Massoretic, Hebrew, Aramaic, JPS, Kaplan texts of Genesis from the Jewish Publication Society Bible


Torah Class    Old Testament Bible Study for a New Testament Understanding

Torah is the Hebrew word for the first 5 books of the Bible and it is the foundation of the Old Testament just as the Old Testament is the foundation of the New. The Old Testament (Tanach) is the Holy Scripture that Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew) taught from, and His Disciples referred to, since there was no New Testament until well after the time of the Apostles that succeeded Him. The Old and New Testaments are inseparable and only when used together do we have a complete, unified, divinely-inspired Bible. Torah Class cross-references the Torah and Old Testament passages with New Testament passages to reveal their seamless continuity.


Some excellent teaching from a Hebrew perspective  Video Messages



Habakkuk - Jewish Encyclopedia

Chavakuk - Habakkuk text with Rashi's commentary - Complete Jewish Bible

Habakkuk - Expositor's Bible Commentray

Expository Notes on Habakkuk  Thomas L Constable    expository notes on Habakkuk.

New International Version (NIV) (Book of Habakkuk) On-Line

New English Translation (NET) (Book of Habakkuk) On-Line

Habakkuk  - at Luther Seminary's Enter the Bible. Study basics about Bible books, people, dates, places.

Habakkuk  Wikipedia


Book of Habakkuk   Wikipedia


Habakkuk Walk Thru the Bible

Habakkuk  - Geneva Study Bible


Habakkuk  - Matthew Henry's Commentary

Habakkuk  - Wesley's Explanatory Notes

Habakkuk - Robert Jamieson's Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the whole Bible

Habakkuk - Scofield Reference Notes

Habakkuk - Dr Bob Utley Audio File Downloadable

Habakkuk - World Wide Study Bible


Habakkuk - Bible Notes


Commentary 10 : Hosea to Malachi        Charles Simeon

Habakkuk  Zephaniah  Haggai  Calvin's Commentaries



Introduction to Habakkuk  David Malick


Argument of Habakkuk - Outline David Malick


Outline of Habakkuk                                Robert Dunston


Introductory Matters Concerning Habakkuk                          Robert Dunston


Serving the Community since 1998


A donation of just $5.00 or $10 will help maintain and update this site. You can donate via PayPal - it really is easy!

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Men Spake from God                                   H.L. Ellison


Habakkuk                                       J. Hampton Keathley IV


Habakkuk                                    Homer Heater Jr


The Man Who Rejoiced in Spite of an Invasion (Habakkuk 1-3)                    Steven J. Cole        


Psalmody in Prophecy: Habakkuk 3 in Context                James W Watts              explains how Habakkuk offers an ideal case for the comparative study of prophetic and narrative composition through the use of archaic linguistic formations and vocabulary stock, victory hymn form. The results of such a comparison reveal a sophisticated text which mixes inherited generic conventions to create novel effects.


The Just Shall Live by Faith                         Bob Deffinbaugh


From the Fall of Nineveh to the Fall of Judah                      Gerald A Larue


Habakkuk                  Al Maxey


Habakkuk -  Reading the Old Testament          Barry Bandstra

Was Habakkuk Presumptuous?                        A Pinker

An Introduction to   Habakkuk                        Richard Patterson

Preface to Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah           Richard Patterson


A Literary Look at Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah                 Richard Patterson


Nahum and Habakkuk                        Bill McRae


Prayer, Oracle and Theophany: the Book of Habakkuk                         Michael E.W. Thompson


Late Biblical Hebrew And The Qumran Pesher Habakkuk          Ian Young


Prayer Oracle and Theophany: The Book of Habakkuk                Michael E.W.B. Thompson


The Habakkuk Commentary 1QpHab One of the Dead Sea Scrolls depicting a sectarian commentary on the Book of Habakkuk.


The Habakkuk Commentary from Qumran


The Pesher to Habakkuk - photographs, translation, and discussions


The Dead Sea Habakkuk Scroll               F. F. Bruce


Beginning the Second Wave of Prophecy: Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk and Obadiah     John W. Miller They struggled to reconcile the words of "First Wave" prophets like Amos and Isaiah to the crises of the following century


Plausible Circumstances for the Prophecy of Habakkuk         William L. Holladay


The Laments of Habakkuk's Prophecy                          J.G. Harris


The Psalm of Habakkuk                            Richard D. Patterson


Hearing the Children's Cries: Commentary, Deconstruction, Ethics, and the Book of Habakkuk                 R. Christopher Heard


2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Lamentations (Consequences of Rebellion)                          David Colburn


'The Righteous Live by Their Faith' in a Holy God: Complementary Compositional Forces and Habakkuk's Dialogue with the Lord                        Ernst R. Wendland


The Function of LXX Habakkuk 1:5 in the Book of Acts               Robert W. Wall


The Man Who Rejoiced in Spite of an Invasion (Habakkuk 1-3)           Steven J. Cole


'Trust in the Lord' : Hezekiah, Kings and Isaiah                          John W. Olley


The Use of Hab. 2:4 in Rom. 1:17: Some Hermeneutical and Theological Considerations                  David S. Dockery


The Messianic Use of Habakkuk 2:4a in Romans                     Walter D. Zor


Interpretive Challenges Relating to Habakkuk 2:4b                            George J. Zemek


An Emmendation of Habakkuk 2:4a in Light of Habakkuk 1:5                     A   Pinker


When God Comes to Our Rescue Habakkuk 2:2-20               


Habakkuk 3, Gender, and War                 Steve Cook


Ugaritic Poetry and Habakkuk 3                   David Toshio Tsumura


Habakkuk 3:2-4, 13a, 15-19                   Pope John Paul II

Problems and Solutions of Habakkuk 3:8   A Pinker

The Lord's Bow in Habakkuk 3:9a                   Aron Pinker

Yahweh Gears Up for Battle: Habakkuk 3:9a                     Michael L. Barre

On the Meaning of מטיו in Habakkuk 3:14a   A Pinker


Serving the Community since 1998


A donation of just $5.00 or $10 will help maintain and update this site. You can donate via PayPal - it really is easy!

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Do dogs go to heaven?