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YECHEZCHIAL (Book of Ezekiel)  Massoretic, Hebrew, Aramaic, JPS, Kaplan texts of Genesis from the Jewish Publication Society Bible


Torah Class    Old Testament Bible Study for a New Testament Understanding

Torah is the Hebrew word for the first 5 books of the Bible and it is the foundation of the Old Testament just as the Old Testament is the foundation of the New. The Old Testament (Tanach) is the Holy Scripture that Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew) taught from, and His Disciples referred to, since there was no New Testament until well after the time of the Apostles that succeeded Him. The Old and New Testaments are inseparable and only when used together do we have a complete, unified, divinely-inspired Bible. Torah Class cross-references the Torah and Old Testament passages with New Testament passages to reveal their seamless continuity.


Some excellent teaching from a Hebrew perspective  Video Messages


Ezekiel Jewish Encyclopedia


Yechezekel - Ezekiel text with Rashi's commentary - Complete Jewish Bible


Ezekiel - Expositor's Bible Commentray


Ezekiel Expository Notes  Thomas L. Constable  expository notes on Ezekiel.

New International Version (NIV) (Book of Ezekiel) On-Line


New English Translation (NET) (Book of Ezekiel) On-Line


Ezekiel  - at Luther Seminary's Enter the Bible. Study basics about Bible books, people, dates, places.


Ezekiel  Wikipedia

Book of Ezekiel   Wikipedia


Ezekiel Walk Thru the Bible


Ezekiel  - Geneva Study Bible


Ezekiel   - Matthew Henry's Commentary


Ezekiel  - Wesley's Explanatory Notes

Ezekiel - Robert Jamieson's Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the whole Bible


Ezekiel- Scofield Reference Notes


Ezekiel- Dr Bob Utley


Ezekiel- World Wide Study Bible


Ezekiel- Bible Notes


Ezekiel - Calvin's Commentary  1 - 12


Ezekiel - Calvin's Commentary  13 - 20



Introduction to Book of Ezekiel David Malick


An Argument of the Book of Ezekiel - Outline David Malick


Outline of Ezekiel                       Robert C. Dunston


Introductory Matters Concerning Ezekiel                    Robert C. Dunston


Commentary 9 : Jeremiah to Daniel        Charles Simeon


Converse Translation in Peshitta Ezekiel  Jerome A. Lund



Serving the Community since 1998



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Ezekiel Division of Student Ministry Baptist General Convention of Texas


Ezekiel                        Homer Heater Jr


The Book of Ezekiel, Part 1      Imanuel Christian


The Book of Ezekiel, Part 2      Imanuel Christian


Ezekiel                                  Bob Utley




Reading the Old Testament: Ezekiel               Barry Bandstra


Life and Literature of the Early Period  Gerald A Larue


Men Spake from God                     H.L. Ellison


The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel                     A.B. Davidson

Ezekiel: The Man and His Message                 H.L. Ellison


A Theology of Ezekiel: God's Name and Israel's History             Alex Luc

On Understanding Ezekiel                    H. McKeating

Imagining Ezekiel               Silvio Sergio Scatolini Apostolo


 The Holiness-Code and Ezekiel            Lewis B. Paton


Two Problems in the Book of Ezekiel          Dane R. Gordon


Ezekiel 1-19 (Warning to and Judgment of Jerusalem)                    David Colburn


Thoughts on Ezekiel 2:8; 3:1-3, 14             J Hampton Keathley III      


Conceptions of Davidic Hope in Ezekiel, Zechariah, Haggai, and the Chronicles  Greg Herrick Davidic hope is investigated in certain texts from Ezekiel, Zechariah, Haggai and Chronicles. Most of the concepts developed in these books emerged during times of national distress for Israel and reflect much of the hope previously developed in the Old Testament


Truth-Telling and Peacemaking: A Reflection on Ezekiel  Walter Brueggemann. God promises peacemaking. That peacemaking by God only happens, however, when there is truth-telling - costly, urgent and subversive. That is the work of the church.


Lesson 11: The Men Who Had Connections With God (Ezekiel 14:12-20)                 Steven J. Cole


Ezekiel and the Oracles Against Tyre    Dennis Bratcher The prophet's role was to help the people respond faithfully to God in their own time.  So, Ezekiel could change his prediction, and even admit that he got it wrong, because, finally, the historical prediction was not his message.


Marking Innerbiblical Allusion in the Book of Ezekiel      M. A. Lyons      How did ancient Israelite authors make it clear that they were purposefully alluding to other texts?


Ezekiel at the Dawn of the 21st Century    Ralph W. Klein

Yahweh Faithful and Free Ezekiel's Response to Exile (From Israel in Exile)     Ralph W. Klein

Ezekiel 20-35 (Israel's Rebellion, Prophesy, and Lament)                           David Colburn

The Hope of Heaven: Paradise Lost (Ezekiel 28:11-17; Genesis 2-3)         Bob Deffinbaugh

Priests and Levites in Ezekiel : a Crux in the Interpretation of Israel's History            J. Gordon McConville

The Nose and Altered States of Consciousness: Tascodrugites and Ezekiel                John J. Pilch

Beyond the Grave: Ezekiel's Vision of Death and and Afterlife              Daniel I Bock

The Prophet of the Spirit: the use of rwh in the Book of Ezekiel                   Daniel L. I. Block

Diglossia, Revelation, and Ezekiel's Inaugural Rite               Daniel C. Fredericks

Ezekiel 36-48  (Hope)                               David Colburn

Satire in Isaiah's Tyre Oracle               R. Lessing

Metamorphosis of a Ferocious Pharaoh      Ph. Guillaume

The Silence of the Lands             Norman Habel

The Portrayal of God's Absence in the Book of Ezekiel     Daniel I. Block

Ezekiel's Tyre Prophecy Defended

Ezekiel: Visionary Prophet       Solomon B. Freehof.   The controversial Book of Ezekiel nearly didn't make it into the biblical canon, but it has had a lasting impact on both liturgical practice and mystical traditions.

The Relation of Ezekiel to the Levitical Law            Frederic Gardiner

The Holiness-Code and Ezekiel          Lewis B. Paton

A Problem of Unfulfilled Prophecy in Ezekiel: The Destruction of Tyre          David Thompson

A Problem of Unfulfilled Prophecy - A Response       Alvin S Lawhead

Ezekiel, Bridge Between the Testaments       C. Hassell Bullock


Serving the Community since 1998



A donation of just $5.00 or $10 will help maintain and update this site. You can donate via PayPal - it really is easy!

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A Reconsideration of the 'Thirtieth Year' in Ezekiel 1:1                          S.G. Taylor


A Vision of God: Ezekiel 1:1-20               Mark Dever

Thus Saith the Lord: Ezekiel 2:4      James Petigru Boyce

Delimiting the Countours of Israel in Ezek. 12:21-15 and 12:26-28            Silvio Sergio Scatolini

Disappointed expectations and false hopes: The message of Ezekiel 13:1-16 in a time of change         H.F. van Rooy

The Prophetic Objection in Ezekiel iv 14 and its Relation to Ezekiel's Call                      D. Nathan Phinney

The Men Who Had Connections With God (Ezekiel 14:12-20)                    Steven J. Cole

Who is Ezekiel's Daniel?  Daniel B. Wallace There is substantial evidence that Daniel is mentioned prior to the date 140 BCE. In Ezekiel 14:14, 20; and 28:3 one "Danel" is found. But the traditional date of Ezekiel is hardly disputed. Could it be that this Danel is the same as Daniel in the book that bears his name? First Article; The valley of dry bones - A diachronic approach to Ezekiel 37

Ezekiel 20 and The Metaphor of Historical Teleology       Lyle Eslinger

What Laws Were Not Good: A Canonical Approach to the Theological Problem of Ezekiel 20:25-26     Scott Walker Hahn and John Seitze Bergsma

Did Rashi Notice a Janus Parallelism in Ezek 20:37?       Herb Basser

Sculpted Warriors: Sexuality and the Sacred in the Depiction of Warfare in the Assyrian Palace Reliefs and in Ezekiel 23:14-17      Cynthia R. Chapman

Dissonant Prophecy in Ezekiel 26 and 29     Dean Ulrich

Prediction and Foreknowledge in Ezekiel's Prophecy against Tyre     Kris J. Udd

Proclaiming the Future: History and Theology in Prophecies Against Tyre                        Thomas Renz

Ezekiel's Prophecy of the Destruction of Tyre             Douglas Gilliland

Does the Bible Contain Fulfilled  Predictive (non-messianic) Prophesies?  -  The Tyre Prophecy

The Tyre Prophecy Again                  Farrell Till

Yechezkel 28:25-29:21       Menachem Leibtag

Metamorphosis of a Ferocious Pharaoh         Ph. Guillaume

'Can These Bones Live Again?': a Rhetoric of the Gospel in Ezekiel 33-37. pt I                        Ernst R. Wendland                       

Can These Bones Live Again?': a Rhetoric of the Gospel in Ezekiel 33-37. pt II                                Ernst R. Wendland

I Shall Gather Them Back From the Countries and Bring Them Back to Their Own Land (Ezk:34.18)       Emma Pierce

Ezekiel 36:24-28         Pope John Paul II

Gog and Magog: The History of a Symbol                              Nicholas M. Railton

Rethinking Ezekiel's Invasion by Gog                            J. Paul Tanner

A Fresh Look at Ezekiel 38 and 39       Ralph H. Alexander

Why Study Ezekiel 40-48?                  Cameron Mackay

Zechariah in Relation to Ezekiel 40-48           Cameron Mackay

Yechezkel 43:10-27      Menachem Leibtag     The last nine chapters of Sefer Yechezkel (40-48), describing the minute details of the construction of the second Bet HaMikdash, stand in contrast to the opening 24 chapters of the Sefer, which describe the Shchina's leaving Yerushalayim, as well as the reason for the destruction of the first Bet HaMikdash. In this shiur, we try to understand why these details of construction are important, and how they too allude to the reason for the destruction of the Mikdash

The Question of Indirect Touch: Lam 4,14; Ezek 44,19 and Hag 2,12-13        Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer


Serving the Community since 1998


A donation of just $5.00 or $10 will help maintain and update this site. You can donate via PayPal - it really is easy!

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